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Current Calls for Manuscripts

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Issue 57.1     Spring, 2017
Deadline: April 15, 2017

Literacy | Language | Social Justice: Students as Citizens and Advocates

We often acknowledge the importance of “college and career readiness” in matters of ELA teaching and learning, but how do our students use their literacy skills in other areas of their lives as citizens of local, global, and “glocal” communities?  As social movements play an increasingly important role in our media landscape, we might consider how these movements and the causes they support – from civil rights, gender equality, and immigration to disability, poverty, and health advocacy –  might provide timely and culturally relevant material for teaching English language arts.

This issue asks ELA teachers, administrators, and literacy coaches to consider the intersections of literacy teaching and learning with social justice advocacy.  What pedagogies and best practices support our students’ exploration of social, cultural, and political issues that are important to them?  In what ways does teaching literacy with an aim of social justice complicate teachers’ roles as advocates, allies, or activists (and should we take on these new roles)?  How might we teach students to read, respond to, and critique social justice issues and actions in ways that strengthen their literacy practices?  What particular powers do the arts of language hold for teaching for social justice?


Types of Manuscripts Sought:

Feature Articles Manuscripts concerned with topics related to the issue theme. OJELA editors also welcome articles on any topic concerning language arts teaching at any level.
Teaching Matters Submissions focused on classroom strategies for teaching English language arts at any level, K-college. Submissions must be original teaching ideas. Descriptions of activities, practices, and procedures are welcome, but must be accompanied by rationale, explaining how methods were developed and used and for what purposes.
Conversations Extended interviews with teachers, researchers, teacher educators, policymakers, advocates, or others involved in the field of English language arts who do interesting work.
The Conference Room Table Submissions to this section capture the way professional development resources in the field are used in classrooms and in professional lives, to convey experiences that illustrate the significance of our professional literature. Submissions should be related to the issue theme.
Ohio Teachers Write Submissions of short fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry on any topic, in any genre.
Reviews Submissions that provide short reviews of any kind of resources for teaching English language arts, such as: books, media, software, websites, workshops, conferences, institutes, or learning communities, classroom materials, or professional development resources.
Reader Forum To encourage broader participation from readership, this venue is designed as a “letters to the editor” section of the journal–focusing on ideas related to articles published in the journal, featured themes, reader responses, or ideas in the field of English language arts teaching in general.