Announcement: INFOhio Needs Your Help

Dear INFOhio Friends and Supporters,

Disappointing News

INFOhio received disappointing news regarding the proposed FY18-19 biennium budget.  Our $1.1 million for digital content was not restored to the FY14-15 budget level.  This $1.1 million goes directly for content to all Ohio schools – public, private, charter, online and homeschool.

What’s at stake?

These resources disappear if the $1.1 million for digital content isn’t restored:

  • Academic Search Premier
  • Ancestry Library Edition
  • Biography Reference Center
  • BookFlix
  • Early World of Learning
  • Explora
  • Literary Reference Center
  • Point of View
  • Science Online
  • Science Reference Center
  • Storia
  • World Book…


Here’s how you can help!

Join our advocacy campaign to request that the $1.1 million for digital content be restored to bring INFOhio back to FY14-15 budget levels by completing three easy steps:

  1. Update your administrators.

Let them know that your district will be losing these valuable resources. Tell them how it will impact student learning.

  1. Contact your legislators. 

Call and send letters to your state senator and representative, and ask them to restore the $1.1 million for INFOhio in line 465.

  1. Organize others to contact their legislators.

Ask teachers, students, and parents to share their stories with their state representatives and senators.

Not sure who your legislator is?

Check out our Find my Legislator search feature on the INFOhio advocacy page.

Not sure what to say?

Take a look at our message starters to help you get the ball rolling, but be sure to follow it up with your own story! It’s important that you share how you are using these digital resources with your students and the impact these resources have on student learning. Yours are the stories everyone wants to hear!

Thank you for helping us save your digital resources! 

Melissa Higgs-Horwell  

eLearning Specialist | INFOhio

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