2018 Conference – Call for Proposals

REVITALIZE: Getting Back to Teaching

“Revitalize” means to make something active, healthy, and energetic again.  In times of rapid policy change, revitalization becomes increasingly important, not only as policy is translated into practice, but also in order to maintain our local communities and professional networks, to increase our engagement within the content areas we teach, and to promote pride in our students.  “Revitalize” as a conference theme, then, is both a doing – a dynamic, conscious effort to sustain our work – and an invitation to reclaim the interests and practices of our teaching that help us best meet the needs of our students.

We want to know what you have done in the last several years to advance the interests of your students.  What lessons do you think are the most important? What lessons do you think have had the most impact on your students’ lives? How have the new standards helped or hindered your ability to teach students? How have the new assessments impacted your teaching? How do you truly measure student growth in your classroom?

And in the interest of “revitalizing” our conference, we are revamping the breakout sessions to encourage active participation, collaborative work, networking, and community building. To that end, we are open to many presentation styles, including

  • Individual or Panel Presentations: 50-minute breakout sessions that engage the audience
  • Roundtables: 50-minute discussions led by roundtable facilitators on a special topic or issue.
  • Workshops: 90-minute sessions in which participants make something, led by workshop facilitator.
  • Posters: 48-inch by 36-inch visual presentations displayed in main areas of the conference.

Ready to submit a proposal? Check out our Proposal FAQs, read the Proposal Review Rubric, or head to the Conference Proposal Page and submit your ideas and lessons. We look forward to seeing your proposals!

Proposals are due December 20, 2017.